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Children's Ministry


To love the Lord with our mind means to do our best while in school and out of school.This ministry serves to help cultivate those who will be self educated. Self-directed in their education. Taking responsibility for their educational development. Walking through school and dominion and authority.

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Youth Ministry


We seek to have such an atmosphere of hospitality within our ministry that lives would be transformed and touch the heart of God himself to come and dwell amongst our gatherings. Week by week we desire to see him him manifested in our gatherings.
Therefore we will exercise the spirit of hospitality.

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Men's Ministry


We are under the mandate of the house to be a house of prayer for all nations. We joyfully participate and take our place in the House of Prayer at SRCC. We also have established the culture of the house of prayer in this ministry.

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Women's Ministry


We are looking for passionate young people that want to worship Jesus. We are equipping you as leaders, positioning you in a place of authority and leadership as worship ministers, Technical Arts specialists, Camera operators, Media Development Team.

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