Honduras 2018

Who are we serving with?

The Founder

 Tom founded Impact Ministries International (IMI) to help him expand his evangelism and prophetic ministry in the late 1980’s.  God has turned IMI into something so much more than just prophesying and evangelizing, it has become a global mission organization. In the early 1990’s with the help of Rev. Stephen Stauffacher IMI began to ordain people into the ministry.

Husband and Wife

Tom and Teresa have met so many people gifted and called into ministry and who are not finding acceptance or a platform to do what they are called to do. They feel strongly that they must do something about it. They created an ordination process that has ordained over 750 people who now serve God as pastors, teachers, missionaries, church leaders, and so much more in over thirty countries. IMI ministers are found all over the world in countries including Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Belize, Haiti, Colombia, Argentina, Ukraine Belarus, Ireland, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Liberia, Norway, UK, Ireland, Canada, Fiji, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo and Uganda.

The Call

 In 2003 he went to Honduras to preach a revival and scout out land for an orphanage. It was there he saw a horrific scene: The emaciated bodies of starving orphans and widows combing through the hot and foul garbage dumps in search of scraps to fill their bellies. Then finding out that the little children have to become prostitutes to feed their younger siblings. Something had to change.

The Beginning

They decided to send $100 a month to feed twenty single moms corn, beans and rice. Out of that experienced birthed a world-wide ministry. IMI has fed children in Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Guatemala, Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, India, Sudan, Philippines, Cambodia, Guyana, and Colombia. A total of 55 countries have been served by Impact Ministries in different areas. IMI has given over 10 million dollars to help the poor and needy.

More Info About Impact International

For more information about what we may be doing on this trip, and while serving Impact International at the City of Refuge, please check out the website below. 

Info About City of Refuge


Meeting Schedule.

  • 01

    January 10th

    Welcome informational meeting. 

    Topic discussed

    • Introduction to Impact Ministry and Where we are going (see above for info about the ministry)
    • Communication of estimated cost
      • Estimated $1800-$2000 depending on flight costs
      • $950+ cost for flight
      • Additional costs include travel, food, and boarding.
    • Paperwork Disseminated. 
      • All documents to be filled out, signed by non family witnesses, and notarized.
      • Turn in documents with copies of Identification. 
        • Pasport, Birth Certificate.
      • Turn in by 2nd meeting
        • Paperwork required from all parties prior to tickets being purchased.
  • 02

    February 7th 5:30pm -6:30pm

    We will be receiving the first deposits of $450 and Completed Paperwork. 

    $900 total due by March 7th so we can purchase tickets.

    5:30pm Team to arrive and join Pastor Andre and Kevin in the youth sanctuary for Pre-Service prayer and pray for 30 minutes

    6:00pm Team moves to youth cafe, and turns in all paperwork due, and deposit (or monies raised to this point)

    6:10pm Team discusses upcoming opportunities to serve, raise monies, and are given letters from Sonrise for support letters. We will discuss how to utilize these letters most effectively. 

    6:20pm We will introduce the “Study Book” that the group will go through together prior to the missions trip. 

    6:30 Questions – Signing of “witnesses” if needed for papers. 

  • 03

    March 7th 5:30pm – 6:30

    2nd $450 deposit due. Total $900 

    we need to purchase the plan tickets BEFORE the next meeting, so we need to receive the minimum amount required for tickets to be purchased per person. 

    If all papers were not completed,  signed, or notarized by February’s meeting, the MUST be submitted now. 

    Meeting Agenda

    5:30pm Pre-service prayer in Youth Sanctuary with Pastor Andre, and Kevin.

    6:00pm – 6:30pm Topics Discussed

    • Group team building dates
    • Fund Raising Opportunities (mothers day flowers)
    • Book Discussed
    • Team Building Activity Dates
  • 04

    April 4th 5:30 – 6:30pm

    Details Coming Soon

Weekly Check-Ins

  • 01

    We expect those coming on the missions trips to attend a church service weekly, and model self leadership during these times. Youth need to attend a youth service, and adults coming along need to attend an adult service. We must grow in the Lord together, and Worship together. 

  • 02

    If you have monies to deposit, you can either do this once a month at each meeting, or schedule time to come by Sonrise Tuesday through Thursday and connect with Pastor Kevin during office hours to deposit and funds. 

  • 03

    We encourage the team to come to pre-service prayer every week if possible, and pray together along side Pastor Andre and Pastor Kevin Wednesday Nights at 5:30pm in the youth sanctuary, and stick around for youth. 

  • 04

    We will have book to be studying and journaling on through out the journey up until the trip. Additionally we ask that you are spending ample time in the word, and prayer daily, preparing yourself for the ministry and work we are going to do. FaceTime 40 is a great template to follow if you need one. 

    15 minutes with in prayer and word in the morning. 

    10 minutes at lunch

    and 15 minutes before bed. 

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    We want to grow together as a group, and not have the first time we pray together, hang out, or talk with each other to be on the trip a thousand miles away. Please do your best to attend all meetings, prayer times, and team building outings. 

  • 02

    As you prepare your hearts for this journey in personal prayer and study, please come prepared to share the encouragement you’ve received while seeking the Lord on behalf of this trip and this team. We are going out in power and unity. Lets build one another up in the most Holy faith. 

  • 03

    Check back here frequently for updates and information. 

  • 04

    Ask questions, email pastor Kevin Johnson at kjohnson@isonrise.org 

General Information

Trip Dates: Estimated July 30st through August 7th (will be solid once plane tickets purchases)

Cost: Estimated $1,800-$2,000 Depends on Plane Ticket Purchase Price TBD March 15th

Destination: Honduras, City of Refuge. For more information look here. http://imicityofrefugehonduras.com 

Team Leaders/Pastors: Pastor Dan Hammer, Pastors Kevin and Tara Johnson. 

Paperwork: We don’t have an online place with all out paper work yet, if you need a packet please arrange to get one from Sonrise from Pastor Kevin. 

Meetings: Meetings will occur every first Wednesday of the month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Students please stay for youth group as well

Deposit Dates: 

  • $450 February 7th
  • $450 March 7th 
  • $500 May 2nd
  • $500 June 27th


  • We have letters from Sonrise and Pastor Dan to send out to friends and family asking for support. We find this is the most effective method of raising support
  • Mothers Day Flower Sale. We will be selling mothers day follower arrangements at Sonrise, taking pre orders weeks leading up to mothers day in the foyer before and after services. we will need students to help facilitate getting preorders and sales in the lobby during these serving times
    • 8:15am – 8:45am
    • 10:00am – 10:45am
    • 12:00pm – 12:45pm
    • 2:00pm – 2:30pm
  • Fathers Day Fundraiser. details coming soon.