Parent Meeting Recap January 2016

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Greeting parents,

On Sunday, January 24th, 2016 we hosted a parent meeting/luncheon. We hear this meeting had a record breaking attendance, so congratulations to all you proud mom’s and dad’s that helped us reach that achievement! We understand that not everyone’s schedules will ever line up. Our goal is to at least have this one-stop-spot on our website to keep you “in the know” of any meeting details, updates, or general information that develops pertaining to the youth.

This includes all upcoming events, changes in schedule, etc.

Here is a bullet point of what we discussed during the parent meeting including dates of upcoming events.

  • Youth Worship Team Development

    • Sister Brenda Super is helping us build a youth worship team and more! More details later in the post.

  • Wednesday Night Flow (What are my kids doing on Wednesday)

    • Doors open at 5:00pm for homework, fellowship, games.

    • Pre-service prayer for 30 minutes from 6:00pm to 6:30pm. Invite to parents and students to join us during that time of prayer.

    • Service begins 7:00pm. ends by 8:45pm.

  • Teen Camp (register here) @ Cedar Springs Camp

    • August 12th – august 15th

    • $139 (+plus small online processing fee)

    • $30 deposit due now.

    • Final payment deadline July 12th. Then cost increases to $159

  • Spring Missions Trip // Stateside // April 3rd – 10th

    • Going to California

    • Trip includes The Call – 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival

      • Video link for more info HERE

    • Serving at the Dream Center and Youth With a Mission in downtown LA.

    • $250 Deposit due by Wednesday February 24th. DEPOSIT ONLINE HERE

    • Total cost to be around $1,000 depending on airline tickets.

    • Fundraisers will be held.

  • Jr High Small Groups

    • 2nd Thursday of every month 6:00pm – 8:00pm (unless otherwise specified)

    • Rotating schedule for outing vs home group hosted at Pastor Kevin and Tara’s house near Mill Creek

  • Leader Invitation

    • Call to parents to get involved with Relentless Youth. Many levels of leadership available.
      Contact Pastor Kevin at

  • Highschool Events

    • February 19th TRAXX Go Carts

      • 6:00pm – 8:30pm

    • March 11th Laser Tag

      • 6:00pm to 8:30pm

  • Represent Conference February 12th – 13th

    • Saving seats, must arrive 45 minutes early or you will likely lose your spot.

    • must register online HERE

    • Ladies invited to stay with Pastor Tara at our house Friday night, and come back with the leaders for Saturday Sessions.

      • Pastor Kevin will drive the Church van to facilitate our Relentless Youth Girls for transportation from East Side Four Square to the house Friday night, and back to East Side Four Square Saturday Morning. Parents will need to arrange pick-up AT Eastside Foursquare ON Saturday

Well we sure covered a whole lot in that parent meeting! We will continue below breaking down any additional details for each event listed above. If you feel you have ample enough information with the dates, times, costs, and so on from the bullet points above then there is no need to read further as it will be a reiteration of the above information with extra bits of info mixed in. If this was helpful for you, please share it with another parent who might be needing this info!

Youth Worship Team Development. 

Youth Worship Banner

As you probably know, we haven’t had a live worship team in the youth department for a few months now, and we wan’t you to know that this isn’t just the new plan. Though we appreciate the chance to grow in our ability to worship the Lord no matter the situation, and we are blessed with the technology we have and the ability to have “Live” youtube worship from actual worship settings from services featuring Bethel worship pastors, United Pursuit artists, and more, our heart is to empower the young people of Sonrise through Relentless Youth to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

With that said, Sister Brenda Super Will be helping us create a team of young people to become our worship leaders, with age specific roles.  Leadership expectations for young people that want to serve will include the meaning of Servant Leadership, being held accountable by mentors, and their pastors to grow in their faith and knowledge of God, with an ever deepening relationship with The Father. Will will be empowering them to be more than just musicians worshiping God, but worshippers utilizing their God given gifts and talents to give honor and praise to The Father.

sister brenda

Sister Brenda will be hosting a monthly meeting with the worship leaders on the last Sunday of every month. She will be hosting worship practices on a regular basis in order to allow the students to grow in their talents. We do not have a schedule for this to begin at this time but it will be coming soon.

Additionally we are helping train students in all the arts, media, arts, sound and tech, prophetic painting, song writing, and more. If your student is interested in getting involved in some capacity and has not yet received any information on the matter, please reach out to Sister Brenda by emailing her at

Wednesday Night Youth

relentless slide

 We wanted to clarify the flow for Wednesday nights for all parents and students, so they can fully know what to expect, what is available, and what our goal is, empowering parents and students to partner with us.

We open our doors at 5:00pm for students to arrive, where we are building a place for students to work on homework, be involved in our youth magazine etc. We want this area to be open for interaction, relationship, and fun! We will have our multiple game systems set up every week, as well as board games, giant Jenga, Ping Pong, and the cafe (opens at 6 PM) to purchase drinks. So please, Come and hang out in our newly remodeled youth cafe, spend some time with us, and lets create that feeling of belonging in the community and body of believers.


At 6:00pm we are inviting parents, and any students who are willing, to join Pastor Andre, Brother Darryl Hughes, and Pastor Kevin in the youth sanctuary for 30 minutes of intercession and prayer for the service, our schools, our students, and more. We would really appreciate if parents would commit to perhaps one week a month that they are saying:

“This week every month I will join you for 30 minutes of prayer.”

During this time from 6:00pm to 6:30pm there will still be students arriving, and playing games, socializing, and engaging with one another, which we have empowered our youth leaders to be actively engaging with the students.

The service then begins promptly at 7:00pm, and we strongly encourage you to arrive prior to that, we understand relationship is built not necessarily during the worship time, or the message time, but the times before and after that. In fact we  discourage chatting with your neighbors during worship and the word. Additionally, we are striving to create a culture amongst our youth that honor’s peoples time. These are important life skills that we want to impart to them in every way we can as our heart is to “Transform follower into leaders, and leaders into change agents, that will make disciples of all nations.”


From 7:00pm until 8:45pm on the dot, we will be engaged in worship, prayer, and teaching of the Word of God.

Some details to note include, we will be encouraging your students to remain engaged, take notes, stand for the reading of The Word of God, Prayer, and Worship, as well as stay off their mobile devices unless they are utilizing a note taking or Bible app.

Your students will receive gracious warnings if they are found to be playing games, checking social media, or otherwise distracting others or being distracted. On a rare occasion we reserve the right to hold onto their phones for them until the end of service. As well as from time to time, if a student can not seem to respect the leaders, pay reasonable attention, and or not be a distraction to those around them, we will relocate where they are seated in the room, and even rarer occasions, we may escort your student to you wherever that may be if they refuse to follow basic respect, and honor guidelines. We are asking nothing more than what would be expected from them in a class room, and they should be well aware of how to conduct themselves appropriately.

By 9:00pm our leadership team will begin the tear down and lock up of our gaming systems, doors, lights, etc. So please help us in getting our student leaders home in a timely fashion as they too have to be up early for work or school, and they can’t leave until everything is closed up, cleaned up, and everyone has gone.

Summer Camp

Blank Slide

Summer camp is coming up very soon, and registration is open now! we are encouraging everyone to click the pic above and go register with your $30 deposit to save your spot for this years Summer Camp at Cedar Springs Camp.

Last year, your students spoke, and we listened! We have added an additional day making it a full three nights, and four days at cedar springs with more time for activity and interaction.

As depicted above, the camp is from August 12th till August 16th,

Drop off at Cedar Springs Camp, in Lake Stevens, Wa. at 5:00pm that Friday, and get picked up at 12:00pm Noon on the following Monday.

We encourage parents and students to carpool or work with other parents to coordinate a ride to and from camp as some may more easily be able to pick up the students on Monday, where as drop off time on Friday may be easier for another.

The full cost of camp this year is $139 plus an online processing fee through our registration link on Eventbrite. Thanks for understanding that utilizing our online payment method though it may add an additional $7 in fee’s, it helps us incredibly when it comes to organizing who the campers are, and sorting through all those that have registered and getting them assigned to the right cabins.

Some of the requirements for camp outside of the cost is a completely filled out permission slip, both for Sonrise and for Cedar Springs Campgrounds, both .pdf’s are available by clicking the links below: you can print & fill them out. Please turn them in to Pastor Kevin on any Sunday morning or Wednesday night.

Please check out our policy’s and rules regarding what to bring, what not to bring, and so on when attending a Relentless Camp or Event.

Click Here For Camp Guidelines 

Camp 2015permission slip


And if you are a leader coming to camp, here is your camp waiver.


Spring Break Missions Trip


This summer Relentless Youth are going on a missions trip to downtown LA in California, where we will be partnering with the Dream Center a church in the heart of downtown LA at Angelus Temple, the church where Revivalist, Amy Semple McPherson preached at and founded Foursquare Church. As well as we will be serving with another ministry in downtown LA called Youth With a Mission, where will have structured opportunity to invest in the people of the city and it’s community, helping the homeless, and so much more.

Additionally, we will be participating in “The Call.” the 110th anniversary prayer gathering of the Azusa Street Revival. I encourage you to watch the following video for more information about “The Call” and the “Azusa Street Revival.”

The dates for this trip are April 3rd through April 10th.

We will be flying down to California, and staying in both host homes and a hotel. Men and women will be separated in living and sleeping spaces, meaning we won’t be all sleeping in the same hotel room, just in case you were wondering.

The final cost of this trip is not completely determined as airline tickets vary, but we will be keeping it close to or under $1,000.

There is a $250 deposit due by Wednesday February 24th, so we can lock in our plane tickets.


We will be hosting fundraisers to help those students that truly want to work hard to be able to come be on this mission with us.

For our missions trip, we understand the importance of going to other nations, and the lessons you learn by being on foreign soil and seeing another countries culture, however this year we wanted to bring the emphasis to our students that you don’t have to fly half way across the world to find where God is working. By partnering with the ministries in downtown LA we are creating vision, inspiration, and hope for students to impact their own communities back here in Everett, Wa. We will offer mission trips to other countries, but not at this time.

Additional details and the itinerary will be available as details are finalized, if you’d like more information please contact Pastor Kevin at

Junior High Small Groups – Grades 6th – 8th

image1 Middle school Students will have a chance to connect with their leaders and pastors every month, and have fun, hang out, pray with each other, and build that relationship that continues to minister to them long into their adult years.

Eververy 2nd Thursday of the month approx. 6:00pm to 8:00pm there will be either an outing or a home group meeting between the middle school students, and their youth leaders.

image2Our goal in these small group is to build and sustain healthy relationship with your students. We desire to earn a voice in their life & walk them through the awkward stages and challenges of middle school. We well know that they don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care.  We consider this an investment in your students life and future. We understand that during the week can be a tough time to stay out a little later like 8:00pm especially following a Wednesday night youth group the previous night, but consider the fact that we can only build so much relationship on a day when your students are at church.

Please enjoy just a few photo’s from our previous small group nights this last year! Small Group Stuff

Leader Invitation

We want to challenge you parents to come be involved in some capacity with Relentless Youth. If you can commit to one day a month, or perhaps you can say that you could serve at events only, whatever the capacity, there is a place for you.

And as I said in the parent meeting, You are not invading your childs personal space by getting involved with youth group. I’m my 14 year old daughters youth pastor, and I preach to her often time twice a week, and pastor her, and she still loves me and loves The Lord. So consider that myth BUSTED!mythbusted_cropped

With that problem out of the way, Please if you are interested, not so much even interested in being a youth leader, but interested in the spiritual well being of your child, consider applying to get involved in some capacity with Relentless youth. Pastor Andre, and Pastor Kevin have their hands filled with projects, goals, dreams, and students, and we have more than enough work to share. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Pastor Kevin at and he will get you a background check form and application for youth ministry leadership. After that is completed you can plan a meeting with Pastor Andre, and discuss the area’s of leadership you may be qualified in or passionate about, and what steps you can take to begin getting involved.

High school Upcoming Outings

Pastor Andre has planned a few outings coming up with the high school students, where the format is show up, and have fun! The high school activities that are coming up the soonest are as follows.

February 19th TRAXX Go Carts – 6:00pm – 8:30pm $21.00 Per Race. TRAXX membership prices are $15 per race.

March 11th Laser Tag

6:00pm to 8:30pm – Likely at Cedar Springs Battle Field Live in Lake Stevens. Exact Cost TBA

Represent Conference


If you haven’t already registered for the Represent Conference February 12th through the 13th, please do so now by clicking the banner above. This event is hosted at Eastside Foursquare Church in Bothell Wa. Pastor Kevin will be saving seats for students who have confirmed with him that they are coming to the event. You will still be required to arrive 45 minutes early Friday night to check in, and claim you reserved seat, or Pastor Kevin will have to begin giving up your seats if you have not yet arrived. The main doors open at 5pm on Friday, so please be there no later than 5:15pm to get your seat.

Relentless Youth ladies are invited to spend the night at Pastor Tara’s house after Friday Nights session, and come back with us to Saturday’s sessions where they will have to coordinate a ride as well as some money for meal times during lunch and afternoon break out sessions. Pastor Kevin will handle transportation from Eastside Foursquare to Pastor Tara’s House, and Back to Eastside Foursquare in the morning, but the students must be dropped off at Eastside Foursquare as there is no transportation to there from Sonrise.

For more details about Represent please visit

For any other questions, comments, concerns or needed additional details regarding any upcoming events or activities, please contact Pastor Kevin via email at

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