Are You Involved in a Relentless Bible Club


Perhaps you are here because you’ve heard of Relentless Bible Club, have a student involved with one, you are involved with one, or you want to be involved in, or even start one at your own school! We no matter why you are here, WELCOME! You are Loved and Appreciated!

We are a clue that meets every Monday at school. We Share a slice of pizza, and an encouraging story from our lives that we believe will benefit students. We love and believe in Jesus, and begin every week by telling students that everyone is welcome whether they believe in Jesus or not. Our mission is to fill your student with hope and joy, and to let them know they are important and there is a purpose for their lives, in addition to ensuring they know that they are “Loved and Appreciated.” We host this club at student request and are simply facilitating it on their behalf. Our intention is to honor you an be completely transparent. If you have and questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the club facilitators.

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If you’d like to start a club of your own at your school, don’t hesitate to ask us!