Relentless Missions 2016 Downtown L.A.

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Hello, we are so excited to be heading out on our missions trip in just a few shorts weeks! With that pure joy flowing through our veins, we are also being filled with faith for the provision for every student and leader to come with us!

This post is to equip you with information on how we are partnering with you to raise donations and funds for the Youth Missions Trip to cover the total costs of $1,000. In addition to fund raiser opportunities we are making available for you, please know you are fully permitted to be proactive and do odd jobs, mow yards, deliver papers, sell lemonade, or any other sort of additional work to help pay your way for this life time experience that you will never forget.

If you haven’t heard any details of this trip, please visit our previous post “Parent Meeting Recap” to get up to date with what we are doing, and where we are going.

Fund Raisers…

Support Letters…

First, we are encouraging every student that is committed to going, and that has paid their $250 deposit for their plane ticket, to obtain no less than 20 copies of our “Support Letters.” These letters are full color, printed on Sonrise letter head, with Pastor Dan Hammer’s own signature on it, written specifically for this event, to family and friends to ask support for you to go. This is probably the fasted and best way to raise a large portion of your support for this trip.

We have a basic guideline for sending these letters, mostly consisting of follow up and follow through. Meaning that for every person that supports you through this letter, you will agree to follow up with them via letter after the missions trip with both a thank you, and personal testimony. The impact these stories have untold value, both for the student, and the person that sent the support.

Additionally, you must send a list of the first and last names of the people you have sent letters too, and the name of the student the donations would go towards. As some times people will respond with a check, or letter back to Sonrise, and we won’t know which student to attribute the funds too without a list like this. Please email that list to Sarah Roetcisoender at

Jamba Juice…

We will be selling $10 Jamba Juice gift cards, and by we, we mean you. This for every card you sell to a friend, school mate, or family member, you earn $5 of that sale. All earnings will be turned in to Sonrise, and all unsold cards must be returned as well after the two week selling period. The $5 per card will go towards your account here at Sonrise for the missions trip, and you will receive 100% of that $5 you earned, toward your trip costs. We are equipping each student with 20 cards to begin, if you sell them all right away, contact Sarah Roetcisoender at

Papa Murphy’s…

With Papa Murphy’s Peal a Deal cards, you will sell these cards with a $35 value, including 2 free items from Papa Murphy’s, for $5 each. $4 from each sale will go towards your account and expense for this missions trip. Money will need to be turned in at Sonrise. Email Sarah Roetcisoender at for any additional questions or details.

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament…

We will be hosting a large scale 3 on 3 basketball tournament, Saturday, March 26th, from 10am to 2pm, with a massive evangelistic outreach to our community. With cash prizes, food, games, T-Shirts, and more. This event will cost each team that’s playing $30 ($10 per kid) with the proceeds going towards the accounts of the students who are going on the missions trip. That doesn’t mean you don’t get to work it though. If you wan’t this event to help pay your way to California, you have to come help, serve, clean up, set up, and tear down at this basketball event. The proceeds will be divided between those that are attending the missions trip, but only the ones that were present to serve.

For More Info Not Seen Here

You can contact Pastor Kevin at with any questions regarding the missions trip, fund raising, or otherwise. If you have questions regarding the topics mentioned above such as Support Letters, Jamba Juice, or Papa Murphy’s, please reach out to Sarah Roetcisoender at

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