Rules and Guidelines for Camps and Events

You are not permitted to bring any of the following items ever:

knives, guns, darts, airsoft, blow darts and guns, machete’s, swords, daggers, fireworks, bow and arrows, crossbows, rifles, shoguns, mace, Bo-staff, Si, nunchucks, shields, magic powers, spells, magic wands, shiv, poison or poisonous creature, tigers, or any other item that looks like, represents, or can be found on any website or store like this amazing ninja supplies store

Putting my opinions of students having exclusive relationships aside, we welcome couples, but insist and require that the PDA (public display of affection) be set aside for the duration of camp. The guidelines of “Don’ts” is including but not limited to the following.

There will be NO

holding hands, kissing, hugging, one on one private conversations, shoulder rubs, foots rubs, or any other massage or personal physical contact that could be considered sexual or intimate. Any form of sexual interaction will not be tolerated and will get your sent home on your parents time and dime immediately, no refund.

Furthermore, spending time one on one with the opposite sex is not permitted, no going on long majestic and romantic walks of any sort. Remember that you chose to come to camp (or the event) and it is not an event hosted for the sake of you getting cheap date or getaway with the one you “love” or hope to hook up with.

You will not be permitted in the living/sleeping space or bathrooms of the opposite sex, nor visiting through the window from outside, or at the door of their cabin, or anything along these lines, as these are reserved and protected for the privacy and security for you, the students. You may not use their hallway, or space as a shortcut to your destination either, and will be required to stay out.

Finally, if it is not completely clear, during the event/camp, you can consider that you are not conducting your active relationship status or pursuing one during this time, and when you return home from the event you may continue whatever you’re parents condone, but at our events/camps you will abide by our expectations.

The reason why is simply this, our events/camps are designed to build healthy friendships and interaction with each other, as well as removing distractions and the noise of our busy world so you have a chance to hear from and experience God in a way that your current environment may not permit.

Leader Interaction

By attending our event/camp, you are agreeing to honor and respect the leadership that is in place. If you have a cabin leader, small group leader, or any other designated individual that has been appointed as such, you will respect them and their requests. If you have a problem, disagreement, feel disrespected or otherwise like you are being unfairly treated by your designated leader, you and said leader are sternly encouraged to come discuss with Pastor Andre, or Pastor Kevin the situation and they will work towards a resolve.
Any disrespect towards leadership will not be tolerated, and will have to be resolved immediately, or it may result in needing to leave the event or camp early on your parents time and dime, no refund.

Chapel times

During camps and some events there will be chapel times where there will be worship, a message, and prayer, to which you will be required to attend and remain for the whole designated service time. you will be responsible to arrive on time, fully equipped, meaning you’ve already grabbed your bible, note pad, pen, gone to the bathroom, etc.

As a courtesy to others, during chapel and service times you will not be carrying on conversations with others, playing games on your electronic device, texting, or otherwise being distracting or disrespectful of others. If you are bored, and unengaged, understand that others may in fact be wanting to hear and engage with what is happening during the services, and in respect towards each other you will not be a distraction to them. If you are disruptive you will be moved to sit elsewhere either next to a leader, or away from the ones you’re engaging with in being distracting.


You will respect one another, any and all difference will be expected to be put aside for the duration of this event. we recognize that potential rivals may even attend a single event, people you may have beef with, but for the duration of camp you will treat each other and leadership with respect. There will be no swearing at, yelling at, arguing, fighting, wrestling, hitting, insulting, or any otherwise offensive behavior towards each other or about others either directly or indirectly. Gossip, and talking behind others backs will not be tolerated.

Other Details

It is impossible to write down every little detail of what is allowed and what is not allowed, therefore this list of rules serve as an outline to display some of the basic rules of engagement and interactions. Everything else is summed up in this;


Pastor Kevin Johnson

this list is not complete, nor is it a source for you the student or parent to rebut the leaders at Relentless with statements such as “Thats not in your rules, so i can do it.” or anything along those lines. We love you and want success for you, and thanks.